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COVID-19 Pandemic

We at Salus Medical are doing our utmost to ensure our patients receive the best care possible during these trying circumstances. The most important thing you can do for your health and those around you is to maintain social-distancing, self isolate if necessary and continue to be vigilant around hand washing. We want all our patient to stay safe and well during this time. With this in mind please note the following information:

1) Covid testing

There is a LONG delay in testing. It may take up to a week to receive your test date. Please do not contact the surgery regarding test dates – we have no control over when they occur. Similarly there is a delay in receiving the result. Until you receive your result you MUST continue to self isolate and your household contacts must continue to self-restrict. For more information on self isolating and self-restricting please see hse.ie

2) Repeat prescriptions:

Please request these through our reception and we will arrange to deliver the prescription directly to your chemist. As we are very busy there will be some delay with arranging these. Please do not request prescriptions until they are due. There is no threat to pharmacy supply chains and no need to stock medications in advance.

3) If you are unwell


If it is a medical emergency please call an ambulance – if you suspect you may have covid 19 please inform the ambulance services If it is a non-covid related issue please call the surgery and discuss with us over the telephone or we may arrange for a video consultation if appropriate.

More Information on HSE Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines