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Services provided include:

Childhood Vaccinations

Primary immunisation is the best method of protecting your child right from birth against many serious diseases. Prevention is always better than cure , and the risk from serious disease is far greater than any minor side effects of immunisation.

Immunisation stimulates the body to produce antibodies against disease. The vaccines are made from weak or inactivated forms of the disease, so that the immune system is stimulated to produce antibodies without being attacked. Ireland has a very good childhood vaccination programme It is under constant review by the HSE and Public Health.

Currently the schedule is:

Babies Born Before the 1st of October 2016

At 2 months: 6 in 1- Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis), polio, hepatitis B and HiB (Haemophilus Influenzae Type B) is provided as one single injection (the "6 in 1").PCV - pneumococcal The first of three pneumococcal conjugate vaccines is also administered.2 injections
At 4 months: 6 in 1. Meningococcal C 2 injections
At 6 months: 6 in 1. PCV - Pneumococcal Vaccines. Meningococcal C. 2 injections
At 12 months: MMR vaccine- protects against measles, mumps and rubella. PCV - Pneumococcal 2 injections
At 13 months: Hib booster - Haemophilus influenza B. Meningococcal C 2 injections

Babies Born On or After the 1st of October 2016

At 2 months: 6 in 1 + PVC + MenB + Rotavirus 3 injections + oral vaccine
At 4 months: 6 in 1 + MenB + Rotavirus 2 injections + oral vaccine
At 6 months: 6 in 1 + PVC + MenC 3 injections
At 12 months: MMR + MenB 2 injections
At 13 months: HiB/MenC + PVC 2 injections
Any questions or issues see website: www.immunisation.ie/en/ChildhoodImmunisation/


Worried about so many vaccines together , or developing autism ? Vaccines are rigorlously tested. The Health Products Regulatory Authority carefully evaluates all medicines and products on the market to the highest standards in Europe.There has been no evidence of any link between childhood vaccination and autism or asthma or any other disease. These conditions can become apparent around the same time as vaccination is being completed and have mistakenly been linked as a cause. The best for your child is to immunize. It is vitally important to complete the schedule entirely as full protection is afforded only after completion of all courses.

Antenatal & Maternity Services

Free antenatal care is available at Salus Medical Clinic once a completed Mother and Infant scheme application form is submited (with a valid PPS number) and registered

This provides for 6 pregnancy related visits before birth and a 2 week check for Mum and Baby and a 6 week developmental check for Baby. This can be combined with maternity hospital care or mid-wife domino care, or private maternity hospital care.

Well Man Checks

  • Consultation includes a full history and examination
  • Lifestyle examination
  • Blood tests including prostate and cholesterol and diabetic checks
  • Age/gender specific examination (Prostate etc) where appropriate a urine exam is also performed.

Results are analysed and interpreted and a report is generated. Please specify a well man check when making an appointment to enable scheduling.

Well Womans Clinic (Female Doctor)

  • Family planning and contraceptive advice
  • Menopause consultation and advice (by special appoinment), including blood tests
  • Cervical smear testing , free to all women aged 25-60 yrs of age with a valid PPS number, please advise at time of appointment
  • Osteporosis screening
  • Breast examination and education

Blood Tests

  • General screening and disease specific screens and monitoring
  • Result analysed in conjunction with patient chart review including medications
  • Results are not given by telephone or to third parties for security reasons

Diabetic care

  • Full diabetic ongoing care and annual check available
  • Including blood test , urine analysis, cardiac and blood pressure exam, eye exam, medication review , foot health

Blood Pressure Management/24 hour digital monitoring and report

  • Digital 24 hour blood pressure measurement and detailed evaluation available

Cardiac Evaluation including 12 Lead ECG

  • Full 12 lead ECG service available

Lung Function Testing

  • Digital Spirometry available
  • Asthma care service

Driving Licence Medical

  • Medicals for Driving licence and visual exams for class 1 licence

Travel Vaccinations

  • Region/disease specific immunisations and advice available
  • Please note at least 6 weeks notice is required prior to travel and a consultaion with the doctor. Please have your full itinerary available. Travel Vaccinations are not covered by GMS schemes

Pre-employment Medicals and Occupational Reviews

  • Full pre-employment medicals are available by prior appointment and work-related illness review also, including sickness absence. Medicals include blood testing, full examination and where appropriate drug testing , and can be tailored to specific roles.

Minor Operations and Cryotherapy

  • Cysts, lumps, and bumps and cryotherapy for warts, verrucae and skin tags
  • Detailed digital patient monitoring available during procedures
  • Registered with all major medical insurers

Annual Flu Vaccination

  • Annual Flu Vaccination for all appropriate groups
  • Free to all medical card holders